Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness

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Rapid Re-Housing

Rapid re-housing is an approach to homeless service delivery that helps families and individuals access housing as quickly as possible. Once a family or individual is housed, then supportive services are wrapped around them to help them maintain housing stability.


Our Work on Rapid Re-Housing

Through the generous support of the Freddie Mac Foundation, VCEH is part of a public-private partnership with the Commonwealth of Virginia and the National Alliance to End Homelessness to shift practice and policy to rapid re-housing to reduce family homelessness in Virginia. This initiative was announced by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell at the 2011 Governors Housing Conference.

Click here for the press release that first announced the partnership.

Click here for information on the initiative from the Freddie Mac Foundation.



Creating Rapid-Rehousing Programs That Work

The National Alliance to End Homelessness has published a guide to creating effective rapid re-housing programs: Creating Rapid Re-Housing Programs That Work.


Rapid Re-Housing Resources





The Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness is dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in the Commonwealth of Virginia through community collaboration, capacity building, education and advocacy.

Did you know?

12.93 percent of Virginia households pay more than 50% of household income on housing - putting many at risk of homelessness.

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